You will find a member training every day of the week!

As soon as you join the club, we add you to our social chat WhatsApp group, where members share when they train. It's a great place to connect with similar paced members and meet up for great training sessions. We also have a training WhatsApp group where the official sessions are shared.

Leading up to a big event, or race, there will be some more structured training shared on the groups. Based on a 10 week training program, leading up to a triathlon, this is what that structure will look like:

AM Rest ; PM SwimAM Cycle ; PM Run (speed)AM Swim ; PM CycleAM Cycle ; PM Run (hills)REST DAY

Over the weekends we mix things up by adding swim-run, cycle-run, swim-cycle, LSD, Cycle sessions. Weekend sessions change constantly depending on the weather.


Running sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays start at Coral Road, usually at 17h30. Tuesday sessions will be speed work and Thursdays will be hill sessions, mostly including the stairs and Perlemoen road.


Cycling sessions are mostly over the weekends and alternate between long rides, speed sessions around the Dynefontein loops, recovery rides, or cycling for a good vetkoek before cycling back. The cycle start will either be at the Sunningdale VA, the Seaside Village bus stop or the parking in front of Ons Huisie Restaurant.


During the week, members swim in various pools, including Virgin Active, Planet Fitness or in the outside pool at Ou Skip in Melkbosstrand (please note that you will need a season ticket to access the pool).

Over the weekends, weather permitting, we will do an ocean swim. Parking at Ons Huisie restaurant, we swim to the sandbank and back. For the swimmers not too fond of the ocean yet, there is the option to swim to the kelp and back. And for the seasoned swimmers, there is the option to swim to "Bird island" and back.