Training Info

Join us on any day of the week!


Our club has a training idea for every day of the week, usually for the morning and the evening. Some of the training is even virtual.


We communicate all the training through on the WhatsApp group during the week. As soon as you join the club, we add you to the social chatter group where club members share their personal training during the week, for those with more flexible working hours. We also add you to the training group. If you're not sure about joining yet, join us on a Tuesday or a Thursday at 17h30, at 29a Coral Road parking for a run and chat to us!


This is what a basic structure of training will look like, based on a 10 week training leading up to a triathlon event:

Monday: AM Rest; PM Swim

Tuesday: AM Cycle; PM Run (Track Speed work)

Wednesday: AM Swim; PM Cycle

Thursday: AM Cycle; PM Run (hill work)

Friday: Rest day

Over the weekend we mix it up. The training will be based on the weather.


We have a combination of open water swimming (weather permitting) as well as pool swimming. For open water swimming we start at Ons Huisie swimming to the sand bank and if the ocean permits all the way to "Bird-poop Island" and back. Pool swimming can be done at Ou Skip (please note that you will need a season ticket to access the pool), or a gym of your choice. We have members swimming at Virgin Active as well as Planet Fitness.

Weekend cycles usually start at the bus stop across from Seaside Village. Cycling over the weekend can either be loops around Duynefontein (5 fast and 5 slow) or a steady cycle to Philadelphia and back via Melkbos and N7.

Over the weekend we also mix it up with a swim-run, or a cycle-run and sometimes even a mini triathlon.

Coaching Info

A triathlon is an endurance multi-sport race consisting of swimming, cycling, and running over various distances.


If you are an athlete just starting out, feeling overwhelmed by transitioning between the disciplines, or if you are a seasoned triathlete looking for that extra push to reach your goals. We have various members that can offer help in training, nutrition or just advice.


Triathlon coach at Embark Training
Owner & Head trainer at SWAT - Fitness Studio
Level 1 Certified Ironman Triathlon Coach


Triathlon trainer.

Level 1 Certified Ironman Triathlon Coach


 Personal Trainer

Level 1 Certified Ironman Triathlon Coach


Trainer: Triathlons; Swimming; Running; Cycling; Trail Running
Level 1 Certified Ironman Triathlon Coach
Lemmon's Cycle Tech


Trainer: other

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