Benefits of cycling

Thinking of joining a cycling family? Here are 15 reasons why you should:

• Cycling improves mental well-being (Not to go mental at home).
• Promotes weight loss (if you need to shake off a few grams).
• Builds muscle (cause it’s hot if you are not).
• Guild free second breakfast (or a croissant at the coffee shop).
• Better lung capacity (If you need to call out to slow down).
• Low impact sport (especially if you have a running injury).
• Saves time in traffic (so commute to work).
• Improves navigational skills (When dropped and you can’t find your way back).
• Will improve your sex life, if you don’t have one, you might get one.
• Sleep better cause you will be tired.
• Boost your brain power.
• Improves handling and spacial awareness.
• Strengthen your immune system, ok not while riding in the rain in Cape Town.
• It will grow your social circle.

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It is the second discipline of a triathlon

• If you are not a great swimmer, learn to ride your bike
• If you are a good runner, learn to ride a steady pace
• If you are a good cyclist, you will rock your first triathlon

Road bikes & TT bikes