Become a member

Whether you are a seasoned athlete / triathlete or just starting out on your multi-sport adventures, Club MSM can offer you a home.


Basic Membership:

To join the club, all members need to take out a Basic Membership. Please complete our online membership form and then head to our store and select your membership option along with any other items you would like to order.

Depending on your age and situation we have the following basic membership options to choose from:
1. Senior membership: Any person over the age of eighteen years.
2. Junior membership: Any person under the age of eighteen years.
3. Family membership: Any combination of two or more persons from the same family or partners in a long-term relationship.
4. Pensioner membership: Any person over the age of sixty years.
5. Recreational membership: Social members are those persons who wish to enjoy the social services provided by the Club and who do not wish to engage in any of the sporting activities.
6. Country membership: Any member that lives outside of the City of Cape Town Metropolitan (Cape Town Unicity) district, as outlined by the Western Cape Triathlon Association (WCTA).
7. Temporary membership: Temporary members shall mean persons who have been admitted as such for specified temporary periods only, as may be provided for in the rules from time to time.

Membership benefits

All members joining will benefit from the following:

    As soon as you join, we will add you to the WhatsApp community, where you have the options to choose which notifications you would like to receive. We share events for each discipline. We also share a weekly list of training options
    Daily ocean swims, weekly cycle sessions, trail runs, swim-runs and monthly full moon dips. As a club we collaborate with organizations for each discipline, to ensure there is a training option for you.
    Each year, we will arrange beach cleanups, fundraising cycles and charity events.
    We also have a summer and a winter social to look forward to every year.
    Every month, after the committee meeting, you will receive a Monthly Mail that contains all the relevant information of the month, including events, important information and birthdays.
    We offer various opportunities to our members, including the possibility of doing an Island Escape swim with Big Bay Events.
    Membership also includes a running license.
    Club MSM is affiliated with WC Triathlon and ASA. We are also affiliated with various entities that offer great services for members to better various disciplines, and that offer discounts to various events.
    Club MSM hosts an annual Awards Evening where we recognise the achievements of our members over the year in various categories. We celebrate each other and we enjoy a social evening to end the year off the right way.