Become a member

Whether you are a seasoned athlete / triathlete or just starting out on your multi-sport adventures, Club MSM can offer you a home. With flexible membership options, you can tailor-make your membership to meet your needs and your pocket.

Basic Membership (2020/2021):

The membership fees will remain the same as the 2019/2020 financial year due to the impact the Covid 19 pandemic has had on everyone's financial situation.

To join the club, all members need to take out a Basic Membership. Please complete our online membership form and then head to our store and select your membership option along with any other items you would like to order.

Depending on your age and situation we have the following basic membership options to choose from:
1. Senior membership: All athletes that are 18 and over.
2. Junior membership: Athletes under the age of 18.
3. Family membership: Where there are two or more members of a family joining.
4. Pensioner membership: Athletes that are 60 and over.
5. Country membership: Athletes that stay more than 40 km's from Blouberg/Table View area.

Note: As of the 2018/2019 season club membership renewal will be on the anniversary month of joining the club i.e. if you joined in June of 2019 your renewal will be June 2020.

Membership benefits

All members joining will benefit from the following:

    We have a training option for every day of the week, have a look at our Training page for some more information.
    The aim of the club is to facilitate group training of athletes who want to train at the same level. We meet various days of the week to train for the various disciplines, we also encourage members to circulate details of their regular training routines on our WhatsApp Social Chat, so that other members can find like-minded training partners.
    Weekly training sessions are normally linked to an upcoming event like half or full Ironman, Comrades, Two Oceans or Jailbreak, etc.
    Every month, after the committee meeting, you will receive a Monthly Mail that contains all the relevant information of the month, including events, important information and birthdays.
    Follow us on Instagram & Facebook to see what we get up to as well as stay updated with our social events.
    We have two WhatsApp groups. One social chitchat group and general member training information. The second group a one way communication between the committee and members regarding specific group training information, important updates and weekend training information.
    Club MSM hosts an annual Awards Evening where we recognise the achievements of our members over the year in various categories.