Club MSM Monthly Mail – February


10 JANUARY 2023

Please note that Western Province Athletics has not as yet received the 2023 licences.
Further communication will be circulated to all clubs.

For those wondering about licenses and memberships, here is a brief rundown:
- PPA License - Expires end June of every year
- TSA Licenses - Expires end of August every year
- CLDSA Membership - Expires end of June every year
- ASA Running licenses - Still valid until further notice

More details and links available on our website.


Race Week is upon us ?

Come and join us as we cycle with Nicol and her Embark team on Friday morning to Langebaan for the Blue Lagoon!

Starting 6am from Seaside Village, with a roosterkoek stop and a breakfast at Mykonos.
If you are planning on cycling with, please make sure that you have your own transport back home.

For those not racing, join Christelle on Saturday morning cycling to Langebaan to come and support the athletes taking part in Blue Lagoon Triathlon. 

Starting 5h45am from Seaside. Village. Speed between 28 - 30 km/h. There will be a support vehicle.
If you are planning on cycling with, please make sure that you have your own transport back home.

And for the brave, join Syd on Sunday, cycling back home from Langebaan.

The plan is to be on the road by 9h30am. Zone2 cycle.

We start March off with a bang! Isuzu Ironman African Championships, leading the way. And our MTB lovers can enjoy the Dragonfly MTB Lap Ultra happening on the 18th of March 2023.

To end off the month of March, we start the TinMan series on Sunday 26th of March, with TinMan Benguela Cove at Fisherhaven, Western Cape.

Add the rest of the series to your calendar in the meantime: 
26 March -Tinman Benguela Cove
30 April - Tinman Val de Vie
28 May - Tinman Langebaan
5 Nov - Tinman Val de Vie

We would love to know what events you are doing, so join our Social WhatsApp group and share with us. We would also love to see the photos from your events.

Yolandi will be doing her first Full Ironman and she's raising funds for the Wilderness Foundation Africa, if you are able to donate, please click here.

If you are raising funds for any event you are taking part in, please let us know.

Charity Events

“No one has ever become poor by giving.”
― Anne Frank

Come and join us at our first charity event for the year. Club MSM along with Dragonfly Tri will be cycling to Darling.

- Details - 

Date: 18 February 2023
Time: 06:00
Registration: 05:30
Starting place: Seaside Village Shopping Centre
Cost: R100
Distance: 130 km from Seaside Village to Darling
Fast - Christelle Hattingh
Medium - Ralph Cope
Slow - Ashley van Rooyen
[If you prefer to only cycle to Darling with us, please make sure that you have someone that will be able to transport you back home.]

Your entry fee covers the fuel costs of the backup vehicles as well as a beer at Darling Breweries.
Hammer Nutrition will be at the starting point (Seaside Village) as well as the farm stall at Yzerfontein.
There will be space for extra nutrition, spares or extra clothing in the back up vehicle.

- Donation Items - 

Please bring along any of the following items that we can donate to Lucky Lucy.

  • Dog Food
  • Cat Food
  • Water for the workers
  • Blankets
  • Cash donation

(Have a look at the discussion page for more options)

- Drop off location -

Donation items can be dropped off at Bella Park, Parklands, please send us a message to arrange a time.

- Payment details -

Payment options for the entry fee and cash donations:

1. EFT to Club MSM 
Banking Details:
Account name: Club MSM
Account number: 10122996591
Bank name: Standard Bank
Branch Code: 051001
Reference: [Your name] Darling Cycle

2. Cash on the day
Please send us a message if you prefer this payment method.
If you are interested in being a backup vehicle, please let us know by sending an email to

Anyone and everyone is welcome!

We look forward to seeing you there!


Club MSM Go Global Campaign

Going forward, Club MSM would like to contribute to our members. Pretty soon, we will have a whole page dedicated to this on our website too! This page will have more information as well as photos of our athletes taking part in international races.

There will be two categories:
- Financial contribution when a member reaches podium in club kit at any event
- Financial contribution when a member enters an international race

Send us an email with all of the details of your race, let Club MSM support you to make your dreams come true!

Club MSM Social

Save the date, we will have our "Christmas in July" social on 30 June 2023.
For now, make sure to add the date to your calendar and keep Friday open so that we can celebrate and socialize together.
More details to follow soon.

Save the date, we will have our Year End Social Weekend on 8-9 December 2023.
For now, make sure to add the date to your calendar and keep the Friday and Saturday open, so that we can end the year the right way and have a good resting weekend.
More details to follow soon.

Club Kit & Social Wear

This year, we are planning to make the club kit more accessible to members. We are looking at moving "closer to home" so it's easier to fit and order a club kit.

We also have a few great ideas for some casual wear! Keep an eye out for updates!

Club MSM AGM & Awards Ceremony

Save the date, our annual AGM & Awards Ceremony will take place on Friday, 27 October 2023.
Please make sure to add it to your calendar! We would love for the whole club to attend along with friends and family!

Something New

"Dream big dreams; only big dreams have the power to move men's souls."
Marcus Aurelius

So let's dream big and go to Ironman Cozumel as a club in 2024! There is more than enough time to plan and raise enough funds! Let us know if you would like to be a part of something like this?

(In the meantime, add it to your calendar, bucket list and vision board)

Until next time!
Club MSM Committee

P.S. Make sure to use our TimeTree (it's free) to stay up to date with all the events happening.
And, as always, if you don't see your favorite event on the calendar, let us know so we can add it!

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