What is an ASA License?

The ASA (Athletics South Africa) license is a license that is required for athletes who want to participate in officially sanctioned athletics events in South Africa. This license serves as proof that the athlete is registered with Athletics South Africa and is eligible to compete in the specific event. It is mandatory for all athletes, from recreational to professional, who want to compete in official athletics events in South Africa.

The day license is permitted at most events but you will require a full license if you wish to:

  • participate in some marathons and ultra-marathons, for example the Two Oceans Marathon.
  • win, or place in your age category and win prize money at any event.
  • participate in club team competitions at any event.
  • be selected for the provincial team to represent WP at the National Championships.
  • participate in nationals in club colours (if you are not selected for WP).
  • obtain Provincial Colours.

How do I get a running license in South Africa?

Affiliation to ASA is done through a Temporary License that you purchase for each event or an annual license that can be purchased for the calendar year.  In order to receive a running license for the year you have to belong to a club affiliated with ASA.  Application for a running license can only be done through your club.

At Club MSM, we offer our members an ASA license as part of our membership package. Once you have registered with us, we will guide you through the process of obtaining your ASA license number.

This is how it works:

1)  Join Club MSM by completing the membership form and adding the relevant membership option to your cart.

2)  Register or update your details for your license here.

4)  The member form is available to download as soon as you have entered or updated your details, go to the Edit my details tab and choose Member form.

5) Contact us to arrange allocation and collection of your running license.

What are the benefits of having an ASA license?

Having an ASA (Athletics South Africa) license provides several benefits to athletes who want to participate in officially sanctioned athletics events in South Africa. Some of the benefits of having an ASA license include:

  1. Eligibility to participate in official athletics events in South Africa
  2. Access to coaching and training programs
  3. Discounts on entry fees for events
  4. Access to medical and other support services
  5. The ability to track your performance and progress through the ASA rankings system
  6. Opportunities to qualify for national and international athletics events.