Affiliation to ASA is done through a Temporary License that you purchase for each event or an annual license that can be purchased for the calendar year.  In order to receive a running license for the year you have to belong to a club affiliated with ASA.  Application for a running license can only be done through your club.

The day license is permitted at most events but you will require a full license if you wish to:

  • participate in some marathons and ultra-marathons, for example the Two Oceans Marathon.
  • win, or place in your age category and win prize money at any event.
  • participate in club team competitions at any event.
  • be selected for the provincial team to represent WP at the National Championships.
  • participate in nationals in club colours (if you are not selected for WP).
  • obtain Provincial Colours.

The cost for a day license varies depending on the distance.  The annual license for 2021 is R50. For Juniors the license fee is R30.  This is how it works:

1)  Join club MSM by completing the membership form and adding the relevant membership option to your cart.
If you are already a member, make sure that your membership payment is up to date. If you are unsure, you can contact Syd.

2)  Add a running licence to your cart. And complete the purchase (remember to add some kit if needed).

3)  Register or update your details for your license by following this link:

4)  The member form is available to download as soon as you have entered or updated your details, go to the Edit my details tab and choose Member form.

5)  Download, print and sign or sign it digitally!

5)  Email us the form or bring the form when you collect your license number from Roger.

Club Vests

All affiliated clubs have to design club colours and register this with WPA.  There are strict regulations in terms of where the club name and manufacturer’s labels must go.  Although not absolutely compulsory it is highly recommended to race in the official club vest.   If you do not race in club colours you are still bound by the same regulations with regards to manufacturer’s logos and are not allowed to display any sponsor’s branding.  You also have to wear club colours to be eligible for prizes and selection as discussed above.